The History and Mathematics of Codes and Code Breaking

Bookmark #3

I maintain a list of Twitter users who provide information, resources, opinions, and occasionally humor about cryptography, encryption, surveillance, and privacy. Here are the members of my “Crypto” Twitter list, and here are their most recent tweets.

For your third bookmarking assignment, find and bookmark a Twitter user who should be added to my “Crypto” Twitter list. Look for scholars, researchers, journalists, or others who are active on Twitter and regularly provide useful perspectives on encryption and its role in our society today. When evaluating a potential addition, know that humor is fine, but crazy is not.

The goal here is to build a list of sources that will provide good material for your  “security vs. privacy” papers later in the semester.

Your bookmark is due by 9 a.m. on Monday, September 24th. Please bookmark the Twitter user’s account. The URL should have the form or something similar.


Academic Integrity 101: Winning the Right Way


Blog Assignment #5

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