by Jackson Kelley

Imagine a man who killed 37 people, and sent a letter to a newspaper revealing his name… yet the identity of this person still remains a complete mystery. On this episode of Serial Unsolved Ciphers we explore the mystery of the Zodiac Killer, a murderer who attacked during the 1960s in Northern California. We delve into the ciphers themselves, including how one of them was broken by two high school teachers. We, explore who the Zodiac Killer could be, why the second cipher is unsolved, and even talk about the popularity of Zodiac Killer in today’s society.

Used for more info into alleged solve of the Z340 cipher…re-used-most
Frequency of letters in the alphabet
Biography on the killings of the Zodiac Killer…nds/4588158576
Background Audio and Music came from this site
Helpful in looking up unsolved codes…s#July_31st_1969
The full list of all the letters that the Zodiac Killer sent…ciphers.html
Essay written by former Vanderbilt student which was incredibly helpful in learning how the cipher was broken…her-dead-ends/
Helpful for learning about the methods people tried to solve the other cipher…rom_Dan_Olson
FBI Analysis of alleged solved cipher
Invalid Solution
How the cipher should have been deciphered by Corey…er_theory.html
The last 18 lines of the Z408 cipher theories
How Harden solved the Z408 cipher
Potential Suspects