See below for your podcast assignment. Outlines are due Wednesday, October 25th, and episodes (including show notes and a producer’s statement) are due Wednesday, November 1st.

Rhett McDaniel, educational technologist at the Center for Teaching, will join us this Friday, October 20th, to show how to use Audacity to edit audio and to walk us through some of the podcasting resources he has collected.

I haven’t set up the Souncloud site for our podcast, but it will eventually look something like the Health Policy Radio podcast that Professor Gilbert Gonzales produced with his class last fall.

Finally, for those interested in more robust training, the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL) is offering a series of workshops on audio production starting this Friday.

Update: Here is the rubric I’ll use for your podcast assignment, based in part on your contributions to this Google spreadsheet.