Sketchnotes of Elonka Dunin's Talk on KryptosFor your fifth blog assignment, write a post between 200 and 400 words in which you (a) describe something interesting you find on Elonka Dunin’s website and (b) draw a connection between your find and a topic from this course. You’re welcome to follow up on something she mentioned in her talk on Friday, or explore some other topic from her website. Just be sure to connect what you write about to something else we’ve discussed in the course.

Important: Scan the blog posts submitted by your peers. If someone else has blogged about the item you’d like to write about, that’s fine–just don’t start a new post on that topic. Instead, leave a comment (between 200 and 400 words) in which you build on the post, drawing a different connection to the course or extending the connection identified by the original poster.

If you’re an original poster, please give your post a descriptive title, and use the “Student Posts” category for your post. Also, give your post at least three tags. You’re encouraged to use tags already in the system if they apply to your post.

Your post is due by 9:00 a.m. on Friday, October 9th.