I am thinking the scenario in which is presented by Michael Morris’s essay stands analogous to many trade-offs both relevant and not to internet privacy. This particular situation of proposed student surveillance is, however, of direct interest to us who would be affected first-hand by such policies (were they implemented). Interestingly, my initial reaction to this essay was one of disagreement and a bit of confusion. I was surprised that this sentiment seemed to be backed by many of the comments posted on this page in reaction, as well as many notes that existing attempts at data mining has proved to spit out many false positives, and on rare occasion, a useful prediction. I would love to further study these examples. This essay also introduced to me the notion that as a country, we could address these disturbingly frequent school shootings by this method of compromising internet privacy rather than the more headline ideas of gun control or mental health management. I hope that while I write my own essay, I can ponder the practicality and the ethics of mining student data if it were to be integrated into university policy across the nation.