Adobe, the company responsible for Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and many other products, has launched a codebreaking challenge you might find interesting. Here's the email they sent me about it:

Adobe first launched the San José Semaphore back in 2006. This piece of public art – created as a part of its long-term headquarter site development in San Jose, Calif. – comprises four 10-foot high digitally displayed disks that transmit a code as they continue to change their rotation. Starting at twilight last night, they relaunched a newly commissioned display with a new challenge to the public, including those in the cryptology community such as yourself, to be the first to decode the new transmission. The first person to successfully crack the code wins a one year Adobe Creative Cloud membership, bragging rights, and acknowledgment on the Adobe website ( Get all of the details on the official contest page and check out the news here.