5. Deep Sea Adventure

In this episode, we have another family game recommendation: Deep Sea Adventure.

Deep Sea Adventure is a push-your-luck game with colorful components about diving for underwater treasure. It was designed by Jun Sasaki and Goro Sasaki, and published in 2014 by Oink Games, a Japanese publisher that specializes in games that come in very small boxes. In Deep Sea Adventure, between two and six players on the role of down-on-their luck treasure hunters. You’re in search of treasure at the bottom of the ocean, but you’ve only got enough funds for one submarine. This means that all players share the same oxygen as they dive down, grab treasure, and return to the sub. Deep Sea Adventure packs a lot of game in a small box, it handles up to six players, and it goes over well with all ages. All of that makes it great for bringing along to game nights or family gatherings.

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