4. Sushi Go!

In this episode, we have more family game recommendations: Sushi Go! and its sequel, Sushi Go Party!

In some sushi restaurants, the sushi comes out on a conveyor belt, and customers pick the sushi they want as it moves past them. The game Sushi Go! plays with that idea, using what it calls “pick and pass.” The game consists of a big deck of cards, each one featuring some adorable smiling sushi—nigiri, tempura, sashimi, maki rolls, and more. Each turn you pick a card from your hand to add to your collection, the pass the rest of your hand to the next player. This continues until all the cards have been picked, as the hands move around the table getting smaller and smaller. Each type of sushi scores in different ways–and each type of sushi is completely adorable.

Scoring track for Sushi Go Party!I’ve played a lot of Sushi Go! over the years, and it is invariably a hit with kids and adults alike. It is by far my favorite game about anthropomorphic sushi!

Correction to the podcast audio: Sushi Go Party! was released in 2016, not 2019. Oops.

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