19. Space Explorers

In this episode, we time-travel to the 1960s to compete in the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union in… Space Explorers!

Space Explorers is a 2017 board game that conjures up the excitement of the 1960s space race. Players take on the roles of heads of space research centers, recruiting a variety of experts to build and launch satellites and spaceships, hoping to have the most impressive set of projects and specialists by the end of the game. You’ll need to recruit scientists and engineers, test pilots and astronauts, all illustrated in a style right out of a 1960s Life magazine. And those projects you’re working on? They are all actual missions, split evenly between the US and the USSR. Sputnik and Voyager, Voskhod and Skylab, Lunokhod and Apollo.

Missions from Space ExplorersListen for our review of Space Explorers and an interview with Chad Elkins, founder of 25th Century Games, which publishes Space Explorers in the US. I had the chance to talk with Chad at Gen Con, one of the largest board game conventions in the world! And Chad shares a little scoop on the future of Space Explorers…

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