18. Santorini

In this episode, we travel to a beautiful island off the coast of Greece famous for its white and blue buildings in the board game Santorini!

Santorini is a charming and puzzly game designed by Gordon Hamilton and published in 2016 by Roxley Games. In Santorini, players take on the role of builders in ancient Greece. Each player has two workers, which they move around a five-by-five grid of squares, creating taller and taller buildings. The building pieces look like the buildings in the real Santorini, each one square at the base and completely white, just like the whitewashed homes on the Greek island. The goal is to move one of your workers to the top of a three-story tower. Each player has their own unique abilities, as determined by the cards that come with the game, each representing some helping friendly character from Greek mythology.

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