15. Sprawlopolis

This is a short podcast for people who enjoy playing games with family and friends, but this time, I’m recommending a game to play without family and friends: the city-building, solo game Sprawlopolis.

SprawlopolisSprawlopolis is a 2018 release from Button Shy Games, designed by Steven Aramani, Danny Devine, and Paul Kluka, with art by Danny Devine. Like all Button Shy games, it consists of just 18 cards. Three of those cards will be randomly selected to provide scoring conditions for the city you build out of the other 15 cards. You’ll lay one card at a time, adding to or overlapping the cards you’ve already played, to build out your parks and residential zones and commercial districts, as well connect up your roads and meet the demands of those scoring conditions.

Sprawlopolis is cleverly designed, immensely replayable, looks good the table, and super portable. It comes in a plastic wallet that you can easily throw in a pocket or backpack, so you can play Sprawlopolis on the go, anytime you have a little table space and 20 spare minutes.

Buy Sprawlopolis from Button Shy Games. Or ask about Sprawlopolis at your friendly local game store!

Read more about Sprawlopolis on Board Game Geek.

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