50. Five Games to Start Your Collection

In this episode, we celebrate four years (and 50 episodes) of the podcast by recommending my top five games to start your board game collection!

I started First Player Token to provide some advice to people who like playing board games with family and friends but maybe get a little overwhelmed when shopping for board games at Target or Barnes & Noble. In the spirit of welcoming new people into the board game hobby, I have five games to recommend in this episode if you’re just starting your board game collection.

I also have a pretty fun announcement: I’m a YouTuber! And by that I mean that I’ve produced my first how-to-play video. With lots of encouragement from Emily and my friend Jeff and others, I’ve finally tried my hand at taking my board game teaching skills to YouTube. On the First Player Token YouTube channel, you’ll now find “Space Explorers – Your First Play.”

Also, the two-year-old official joins the podcast in this episode, with some audio from his very first family board game experience!


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“Open Road,” “Summer in Paradise,” and “Isola Bella” by Purple Planet.




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