Announcing Intentional Teaching’s New Sponsor, UPCEA

I’m excited to announce a new sponsor for the Intentional Teaching podcast: UPCEA, the online and professional education association! UPCEA supports higher educational professionals working in online and professional education through networking opportunities, professional development offerings, research initiatives, and more.

You might have noticed that a few of my recent podcast episodes featured a connection to UPCEA:

  • In episode 14 talked with Robert Hansen, UPCEA’s chief executive officer, and Julie Uranis, senior vice president for online and strategic initiatives at UPCEA, about the changing landscape of online and professional education.
  • And in episode 16 I interview Cathryn Friel from Missouri Online about research she shared at an UPCEA summer conference, research that explored the experiences of students with ADHD in online courses.

Since 2020, when so much of higher education moved online, the lines between on-site and online courses and programs have blurred for faculty, administrators, and students. Developing foundational teaching skills and exploring new ideas in teaching (that is, the Intentional Teaching “beat”) happens across multiple modalities and in a variety of degree and non-degree programs.

UPCEA has a long history (over 100 years, in fact) of supporting college and university efforts in continuing and professional education. As those efforts moved online, so did UPCEA’s work, and today the association is a fantastic organization for leaders and administrators of online and professional education, as well as practitioners–instructors, instructional designers, educational technologists–in those areas.

With UPCEA expanding its efforts into digital teaching and learning and my work with faculty and other instructors exploring new course modalities, Bob Hansen and I thought it would be a great time to team up! This means that you’ll hear a few more UPCEA-related guests on the podcast in coming months and that UPCEA will share the Intentional Teaching podcast with its extensive network.

I’m looking forward to bringing Intentional Teaching to new audiences and to learning more about teaching and learning in the world of online and professional development. For more on UPCEA and its work, visit the UPCEA website to learn about their conferences, courses, consulting, and more.

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