Launching My First Newsletter!

I’ve spent the last two decades helping college and university instructors develop foundational teaching skills and explore new ideas in teaching and learning. I’ve been blogging about this work for ages, but I thought it was time to start a newsletter and connect with colleagues in education in a new way.

This week, I’m launching that newsletter, Intentional Teaching. The name of the newsletter is a spin on my 2019 book, Intentional Tech: Principles to Guide the Use of Educational Technology in College Teaching. I’m using it to indicate that we should be intentional in how we teach, but also how we develop as teachers over time.

College classroom, close up of chairs with wheelsWhen I walk into a classroom, I always hope the chairs have wheels. Why? Wheels on chairs means those chairs can better respond to and support the teaching goals I have for the day. Just as wheels on chairs provides a certain kind of agility for classroom teaching, I hope the Intentional Teaching newsletter will provide you with a kind of agility as your develop your teaching practices over time.

The first issue drops on Thursday, September 29th. To subscribe to Intentional Teaching, head over to the newsletter landing page.


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