From Principle to Practice at #GRCCFLD

I’m visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan, today to speak at the Faculty Learning Day at Grand Rapids Community College. The faculty development event is structured a bit like a TEDx conference, with short presentations about teaching by faculty from around campus. I’m the bookend speaker, with the first and last of the short presentations. My talks will focus on key principles of teaching and learning drawn from the research literature and how we can use those principles to guide the teaching choices we make.

Below you’ll find the Prezi for my first presentation. You can click the forward button to view the Prezi or use your mouse to pan and zoom about the canvas. Any links you see are clickable, so feel free to follow them for additional information.

And here’s the Prezi for my second presentation, built on-the-fly during the day in response to presentations by GRCC faculty. The last two faculty talks aren’t represented in this Prezi, since I was busy finishing and uploading the Prezi during those talks!

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