Here are the overheads I used during my Undergraduate Seminar in Mathematics talk on February 19, 2002, entitled "And the Winner Is...?". I've added some explanatory text to each which wasn't present during my talk. I want to point out that none of this material is original to me. It has all been drawn from the sources listed on the last page in the list below.

  1. Presidential Election 2000
  2. Minnesota Governor Election 1998
  3. Winter Olympics Figure Skating 1994
  4. World Figure Skating Championship 1995 Pre-Michelle Kwan
  5. World Figure Skating Championship 1995 Post-Michelle Kwan
  6. Condorcet's Paradox
  7. Different Procedures -- Different Results
  8. Borda Count
  9. Arrow's Theorem
  10. Best Actor
  11. Best Actress
  12. Best Picture
  13. Best Animated Film
  14. Sources

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