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Blog Assignment #10

For your next blog assignment, read Singh Chapter 7 and imagine you're writing a research-based argumentative paper on some aspect of the chapter. Draft one possible thesis statement for such a paper and share it in the comments below. Your statement should differ in some way from the ones that precede it. Your contribution to this thread is due by 9 a.m. on Wednesday, November 15th.

(This is something of a warm-up for your final paper assignment in this class, for which you'll put together a research-based argument on some aspect of the security/privacy debate.)


The Danger of Old Social Media Posts


Teens, Social Media, and Privacy


  1. naiksj

    The internet has created a realm in which the line that separates legal and illegal actions is blurred; this is where Zimmerman was trapped, in a parallel where the free publication could have been the distribution of munitions, however, without definitive proof of wrongdoing and malintent there is nothing that can send a person to jail for accessing the internet.

  2. Maria Sellers

    The Information Age has ushered in a new era of technology and communication that make strong encryption a necessity for everyday life, so much so that no one should be able to restrict individual's right to privacy by limiting specific methods of encryption.

  3. Junhao

    While police insist that wiretaps are the most effective investigative technique to combat illegal drugs, terrorism, espionage and other crime, in most cases they are not as indispensable as law enforcers believe. Thus, encryption that makes wiretaps ineffective would not notably violate law and order, and does not provide the government with the excuse to infringe people’s privacy.

  4. osmanrh

    Although new methods of cryptography provide a mean for criminals to evade trouble with the government, similar to a glove preventing the exposure of fingerprints, cryptography should not be withheld from the population because, as a glove can also serve to protect the human body from injuries, cryptography can seek to protect individuals from their private information becoming compromised and ensure their communication remains covert.

  5. browkm10

    As the technological development of society advances and the accessibility to sensitive information by hackers increases, the need for stronger, more efficient and practical encryption methods to protect that privacy of the individual and the masses escalates as well and should be made available as an option for the common person.

  6. howard2

    As technology improves in our evolving society, the movement of information through the internet has issued a need for encryption for the individuals that plan to share said information. Keeping privacy by way of encryption should not be infringed upon by authorities, let alone anyone, because privacy is a basic human right.

  7. Stone Edwards

    The creation and evolution of digital information has changed the governments relation to its citizens at securities fundamental level. The ability to gather, manipulate, and exploit the populations private information has put everyone's privacy and rights in danger.

  8. Sandra

    The right to privacy should definitely be an inalienable right as a human being of a democratic society; however, the government does have a "duty" to protect and decide what is best for its citizens (isn't that what it's for?) and so under the circumstances when the government has extreme reason to believe an individual or group poses a threat to society is the point where they should use their surveillance to the best of their ability in order to minimize the loss of life.

  9. youngar

    While all citizens should have the right to their own privacy and the ability to encrypt their own data, the usage of (potentially unbreakable) encryption by criminals makes these rights much harder to guarantee, as law enforcement must find ways to break through this encryption, which compromises more information than just that of criminals.

  10. Romy

    The technology used for cryptography is being developed at an alarmingly fast rate, and although some may argue that privacy is a fundamental right and common people should have access to such technology, these encryption techniques should be restricted to the government so as to prevent possible collaboration among those who would cause harm.

  11. Safwaan

    Although privacy is and hopefully will always be an important human right, new advancements in technology mean that encryption has become so strong that not only can it protect law abiding citizens from the prying eyes of the government but it also protects possible terrorists, organized crime rings, and criminals from being caught. While this would not have been a problem in the past, the number of attacks by white supremacists has increased manifold and so, we now need a way of ensuring that white supremacists are monitored and prevented from causing further attacks. White supremacists should be required to have an escrow, a key left with a third party that can decrypt all their information, so that if the government feels that white supremacists are making their citizens unsafe, the government can step in before it is too late.

  12. Ejhazz Milford

    Everyone in this day and age should have a means of access to encryption, however, the problems that remain is deciding what form it should come in and making sure its actually practical for people to use.

  13. naughkm1

    As traditional methods of communication are being replaced with digital communication, the Information Age ushered in a new importance for cryptography. As it becomes easier and easier to intercept and read digital communications, it is a people's duty to start using strong encryption as a means of privacy. Without encryption, our freedoms will diminish into a mere afterthought to governments all around the world.

  14. Jackson

    As hackers continue to compromise more and more of our data, it is imperative that every citizen be aware of this issue and given free tools to encrypt their private data to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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