Here are few resources on the subject of the Creative Commons:

And here's a diagram showing some of the implications for cryptography of the speed of communication enabled by the telegraph:

Let's say that A, a member of the Black Team, is sending an encrypted message to B, also on the Black Team, in another city. The White Team consists of C, who intercepts the ciphertext; D, who decrypts the ciphertext; and E, who is in the same city as B and will act on the decrypted message to disrupt whatever B is doing.

If communication travels at the speed of a horse and if D isn't located near C or E, then the White Team will take a while to get the decrypted message in the hands of E, who can act on it. If, however, communication is virtually instantaneous, then the only thing slowing the White Team down is the time it takes D to decrypt the message. This increases the need for the Black Team to use strong encryption.

However, if C is capable of decrypting the message and can communicate directly with E, then the speed of communication doesn't matter as much. The only thing slowing the White Team down in that case, regardless of the speed of communication, is the time it takes to decrypt the message. The time between B receiving the plaintext and E receiving the plaintext will be equal to the amount of time it takes C to decrypt the message. Strong encryption is still important, but not more important because of the faster communication.