The History and Mathematics of Codes and Code Breaking

Expository Essay - Navajo Code Talkers

Here's Preston's paper on Navajo code talkers [PDF].


Expository Essay – The Playfair Cipher #1


Expository Essay - The Hill Cipher #1

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  1. Jonathan O'Hara

    This was a wonderful essay, top to bottom. It was very clear and concise, with a structure that was extremely easy to follow and descriptive without being over-the-top.

    It was interesting to read all of the background on the Navajo codetalkers and the process in which they were selected. Preston clearly covered much more than we talked about in class, giving the reader a solid understanding of the subject matter. He also covered all of the possibly faults of the code and addressed how the United States dealt with making sure they did not impact the strength of the code, which adds depth to his paper.

    What I found very effective was when Preston referenced the Navajo culture tradition of memorization and how it tied in with memorization of codewords. This exemplifies good research and an ability to draw parallels between subjects (Navajo culture and how it helped the Navajo codetalkers). The process of the training of codetalkers was explained in much detail. Due to Preston's clarity in explanation, I am now able to explain this process after just one read-through.

    Overall, this essay could definitely be placed in a textbook or supplement a textbook article due to Preston's thorough research and understanding of the Navajo code-talkers.

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