The History and Mathematics of Codes and Code Breaking

Problem Set 2

Here's Problem Set 2 in Word and PDF versions. It's due at the start of class on Tuesday, September 14th.

Update: There was a typo in the first problem.  The Coptic alphabet has 30 letters, not 32.  I've corrected this in the Word and PDF files attached here.


Resources from September 7th - College Writing


Resources for September 9th - Transposition & Keyword Ciphers


  1. Preston Boyden

    Dr. Bruff, just want to let you know that the word file attached here is the example sheet you gave us in class, not Problem Set 2. The PDF is fine.

  2. Preston Boyden

    nevermind, my bad...

  3. DrBruff

    Something odd happened when I just tried to download the Word version. It opened fine, but it took a few error messages first. Please let me know if you have trouble opening the Word version.

  4. Sam Mallick

    Dr. Bruff,
    I found a resource online that allows you to search for the frequency of letter blends (i.e. "th" or "the"), basically a more complex version of electronic frequency analysis. Am I allowed to use it (I just bookmarked it on Delicious) or would you prefer I look for letter groupings without the aid of a program?

  5. derekbruff

    Go ahead and try your hand at the double-letter frequency program, Sam. Thanks for bookmarking it on Delicious for the rest of the class, who are welcome to give it a shot, too.

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