The History and Mathematics of Codes and Code Breaking

Problem Set 1

Here's Problem Set 1 in both Word (.docx) and PDF formats.  It's due at the start of class on Tuesday, September 7th. Please note: You should ignore Question 5! We didn't get quite far enough in class today for you to tackle Question 5. Look for it to reappear on the next problem set.

Update: You're welcome to email me your problem or hand in a hard copy at the start of class on Tuesday--whichever is easier.


Resources from August 31st


Resources from September 2nd


  1. Sam Mallick

    Is anyone else having a hard time with #4? I'm not sure what the clock icon means. I'm assuming it is asking "A number plus 12 is congruent to 5(mod8), what is that number?" but I'm not sure...

  2. admin

    Although I don't know what you mean by "clock icon," Sam, you're reading the question correctly.

  3. Sam Mallick

    I guess my computer made the congruency symbol look like a little clock (maybe because it's a Mac). Thank you.

  4. DrBruff

    Interesting. Try the PDF version and see if that comes out with the congruence symbol on your Mac.

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