Teaching with Clickers for Deep Learning

Earlier today I gave my third talk of the week, this one at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Today’s talk was titled “Teaching with Clickers for Deep Learning.” Here’s the abstract:

Classroom response systems (“clickers”) are technologies that enable teachers to rapidly collect and analyze student responses to multiple-choice questions during class.  Although clickers can be used to ask students the kinds of multiple-choice questions you might put on a test, other kinds of questions can often promote deeper learning.  In this talk, we’ll explore ways to craft clicker questions that help students to engage more meaningfully with course content, including questions designed to address student misconceptions, surface student opinions and experiences, and foster critical thinking skills.  We’ll also discuss strategies for leading class discussions using clicker questions that frame and motivate those discussions.

And here’s the Prezi:

(Yes, I busted out the traxoline for this talk!)

Thanks to Linda Hodges, director of faculty development at UMBC, for hosting me.

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