Upcoming Webinars on Clickers from Stephanie Chasteen

My colleague Stephanie Chasteen (@sciencegeekgirl) is leading two free webinars on teaching with clickers in the coming weeks. Stephanie knows her stuff, so I encourage you to check these out!

Teaching Faculty about Effective Clicker Use
Tuesday, January 18, 1pm Eastern Standard Time

Geared specifically for those involved in faculty development and support (e.g., instructional technologists, faculty excellence programs, or other faculty professional developers), this webinar will cover best practices in helping faculty to use clickers to enhance their teaching.  The webinar presenter has been creating faculty professional development materials around clicker use for years, and will share tips and techniques — many based on research — for helping faculty to see the potential power of this technology and learn to implement it effectively. Webinar components will include:  (1) best practices in clicker use, (2) resources available for faculty learning to use clickers, (3) research-based techniques for faculty development around clickers, and (4) working with faculty resistance and alleviating frustration.

Highly recommended:  Watch “Make Clickers Work for You” webinar recording prior to this webinar and/or the video “How to Use Clickers Effectively.”

Make Clickers Work for You (Encore)
Wednesday, Feb 16, 1pm Eastern Standard Time

In this interactive webinar, we’ll explore tips and ideas for incorporating clickers into your particular class. Clickers offer a powerful way to increasing student engagement and improve learning. At the University of Colorado, we have transformed our classrooms by using clickers to promote peer instruction. We’ll show research results on the most effective use of clickers, and discuss common challenges. In particular, we’ll focus on the attributes of “great” clicker questions, discuss example questions, and share ideas on facilitating effective wrap-up discussions once all the votes are in.

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