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A couple of weeks ago, I began an experiment, one that’s working out okay so far.  I’ve been blogging here at for almost two years now, but lately I’ve wanted to blog about topics other than classroom response systems.  Instead of cluttering up this blog with off-topic posts, I’ve started blogging at my main website,

I’m not going to stop blogging here about clickers and other classroom response systems, since those topics are still very much of interest to me.  And to (hopefully) make things simple, I’ve figured out how to syndicate the feed from this blog into my main website, so all of my clickers posts will show up on both blogs.  (I’m also syndicating some of my posts from the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching blog on the main site, too.)

What does this all mean for you?

  • If you’d like to read all my blogs posts–the ones about clickers as well as the ones about other topics–read my main website,  In fact, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed from the main site in your favorite RSS reader.
  • If, however, your interests lie with classroom response systems and you aren’t interested in my posts on other topics, just keep reading this blog right here at  It won’t bother me, and you don’t have to do anything different!

I thought about just moving all of my blogging over to my main website, but I’ve heard others mention that when they switched blogs, they lost readers.  My experiment in syndication is an attempt to avoid that.  Also, I’ve found my extensive set of categories on this blog very useful, and I didn’t want to lose those.  I’m going to keep the set of categories fairly small on the main site.

This all may be more information than you want, but for those of you who have been reading this clickers blog, I wanted to make sure you knew that I was starting to expand my blogging a bit.  Thanks for being a part of this blog, and I hope to continue to see your comments here!

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