The First 100 Posts

I’ve hit a bit of a milestone here on the blog.  You’re now reading my 100th post.  I started this blog last summer after I finished writing my book as a way to stay current with the literature and news surrounding classroom response systems.  At that time, I set a goal to post 100 times in the first year.  It feels great to have achieved that goal.

What’s happened in the last year?

I’ve reviewed 23 research articles and a few published case studies.  I’ve commented on articles and essays appearing in Inside Higher Ed, the New York Times, the Encyclopedia Brittanica blog, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.  I’ve reported from the EDUCAUSE national conference, the University of Louisville clickers conference, the Joint Mathematics Meetings, and the Abilene Christian University ConnectEd Summit.  I’ve posted two podcast episodes.  I was interviewd by Inside Higher Ed, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the National Teaching & Learning Forum. And, oh yeah, my book came out!

I’ve also raised a few questions that are still open:

There were a few important national developments, too.  Cell phones turned into commonly used response devices.  Abilene Christian University, among other schools, launched iPhone initiatives, raising the idea of using mobile phones as “super-clickers.”  Twitter hit the scene in a major way, functioning as a classroom response system in its own way.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I can share a few fun facts about hits on this blog:

I’m grateful to all my readers and to those who have left comments here.  As you can tell, I find teaching with classroom response systems a fascinating topic, and I’m excited to explore the technology and pedagogy–and to see what comes next.  Thanks for being a part of that.

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