The Twitter Backchannel at #CIRTLForum

Here’s a quick analysis of the Twitter backchannel at the CIRTL Network Forum. As of 10:10 am this morning, the #CIRTLForum Twitter stream included 679 tweets from 56 unique individuals, including at least six who weren’t physically at the Forum. Here’s a list of the most frequent contributors, by Twitter handle:

Twitter User Number of Tweets
derekbruff 114
sarahmilleruw 103
GinaSpitzUW 64
PeterC_UW 61
rkniemer 43
GinaSpitz 38
iTeach4NE 34
sciencegeekgirl 28
drhmw 26
DebRookPaleo 24
BrentABerger 16
cirtlnetwork 15
celetkewicz 14
scientificteach 10
robingreenler 10

And here’s a word cloud (generated by Wordle) of those 679 tweets:

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Thanks to all those who contributed to (or just lurked within) the backchannel! It was incredibly robust for a relatively small conference.


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